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45 & Better News is an organization targeting baby boomers with information to help you make good decisions and enjoy life!

We provide inspirational articles and a full network of support for personal and professional needs. If you are a business owner, welcome! Being in business for yourself can be emotionally draining. You need someone to come beside you to be with you, help motivate you, pat you on the back, stand with you and share ideas. We want to help you build solid relationships and to watch those relationships grow.

At 45 & Better News, we care about you. Our focus is on how we can help you. We want to know about YOU! What do you need? What do you like? How can our company help you both professionally and personally?

We deeply believe in the power of Networking; in helping others develop the resources they need both for their personal and their professional lives.

Our desire is to increase community by bringing people & businesses together to share their ideas, talents and abilities. Our desire is to encourage people to form strong business relationships and friendships.

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Contact information:
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 850191
Yukon, OK 73085

Phone: (405) 514-8108

Fax: (405) 495-4544

Email: news@45andbetternews.com

Shirley Mears, Publisher
Shirley Mears, Publisher
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